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burrati on European market
The burrati trademark represents on the European market manufacturers with full range of products from special industrial or agro chains to motorcycle chains. Products for motorcycles established on the American market under the Diamond trademark and under the title OCM in Japan are now used by European customers.
The manufacturer of the burrati chains employs advanced manufacturing technology together with close quality inspection and testing systems. The quality system supports fully the criteria and standards according to ISO 9001/ 2000. Progressive CAD CAM modules and programs are used in manufacture, which design and optimize the shape and design of products. Basic materials used for manufacture are selected with care from the best-quality steel alloys.
The chains satisfy fully the international standards GB, ISO and other industrial standards (ANSI BS, DIN JS).
In view of the fact that they are pointed with priority among the best-quality products, they were tested in detail according to Czech standards, specifically according to ČSN 023301, before launching them on the Czech market.
Chain performance and quality confirm their use and interest from customers in Europe, America and Japan.