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Burrati motorcycle chains
Have you got enough commercial or service background for motorcycle chains´s sale?
Aren´t you afraid of a new trademark?
Do you want to make the best of marketing advatages for Burrati dealers?
Will you use the chance to become the exclusive dealer in your region?   
How to become a Burrati dealer?
Thank you for your interest in burrati products. In case of interest in dealer´s authorization please complete the questionnaire completely (download see below) and supply it with copies of required documents. After receipting required documents we will contact you as soon as possible.
Required criteria for burrati dealer´s authorization.
  1. trade with motorcycle products is your main activity. You use self lasting store and work as a wholesale trade or a retail trade with strong business structures by selling Burrati products. We don´t accept dealers with internet or email business type only.  
  2. we require your Trade Certificate´s copy
  3. we don´t assign exclusive position, but we struggle for fair support of all our customers
Your questionnaire may not be accepted automatically. We reserve the rigt to refuse any questionnaire. 
Please contact us if you have any questions:
Mob: + 420 737 503 270 
Tel/Fax: +420 385 310 519
Important notice:
Your dealer´s authorization will be disturbed in case of non-performance appraised values and burrati products´s trade condition.

Please send your completely filed questionnaire per fax: +420 385 310 519 or per email: sales@burrati.com
Dealer´s questionnaire to download after clicking the download buton.

Dealer´s questionnaire