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K+L INTERMOTO Czech republic  www.klintermoto.cz
  • most successful Czech racing team in recent years
  • permanent participant in prestige world serie WSBK, in which its riders gaint score in categories Supersport and Superstoc
  • after testing our chains we made cooperation agreement in chosen races for the year 2007


SQWER (Stanislav Šachl) www.sqwer.cz
  • one of the most famous Czech adventure motorbike-tourists and hearty fanatic orange colour freak
  • best known realized projects of recent years
                       - journey through former USSR to Mongolia
                       - several-week crossing the desert in Lybia
                       - repeated short trips: Romania, Morocco, Tunisia…
  • motorcycle: KTM LC8/990 Adventure S, KTM 450 EXC


VYX product – JAROSLAV VOJNA www.vyxproduct.com
  • Czech producer of quadricycles – top sportive specials
  • regular highest posts „collector“ in the Czech Republic Championship
             - MOTOCROSS OPEN – 1., 2., 3. a 4. place overall
             - SUPERMOTO – 1. place overall 
             - SPEED WAY – 1., 2., a 3. place overall